About us

Our Background

Kointrail is part of the MyChargeBack Group, which is staffed by veteran professionals that have decades of experience in the banking, finance, regulatory, and cybercrime. We have a proven track record of providing unrivaled performance and results.

Kointrail employs state-of-the-art technology to conduct forensic blockchain investigations that trace the path cryptocurrency takes from the moment it leaves your wallet all the way the exchange at which it was cashed out. Our reports have been submitted to over 450 law enforcement agencies and police cybercrime units globally.

This expertise is what makes the difference for our international client base that extends throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Leading Technology

The rapidly changing world of cryptocurrency regulation and usage has left consumers confused. Governments and law enforcement agencies are in the process of researching and decision-making that will transform the world of cryptocurrency for years to come. However, a typical consumer who invests in cryptocurrency, holds cryptocurrency, or attempts to use it for purchasing goods and services faces a significant disadvantage. There are plenty of free tools that provide just enough information to make a person feel “comfortable”. Unfortunately, this leaves consumers to bear the burden of poor choices.

Kointrail offers consumers essential information that can truly educate them both pre- and post-transaction so that they can avoid danger spots in the cryptocurrency market. No two consumers are alike. Therefore, we offer a range of solutions that provide specific self-directed solutions. Try us out today. 

40 billion dollars in cryptocurrency scams this year alone!

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