Crypto Forensic Reports

A Crypto Forensic Report is an essential component of any cryptocurrency claim. It presents your case in a detailed and organized form that can be helpful to law enforcement and government authorities. If you have been unsuccessful with your crypto case up until now, you should finally see the progress you deserve with a crypto forensic report that can help track down your funds on the blockchain. 

Lost MOney To crypto Fraud?

What Is a Crypto Forensic Report?

Our crypto forensic report begins with you! KoinTrail’s user-friendly website makes it easy to enter the information we need to know about your case. From there, we use the following to uncover bitcoin transactions, including: 

  • Blockchain explorer software
  • Crypto analytics and algorithms
  • Proprietary databases compiled from thousands of cases
  • Bitcoin forensics methods 

Following our investigation, we will create a crypto forensic report you can present to the police along with your claim. 

How Can a Crypto Forensic Report Make the Difference? 

If you try approaching the police with nothing more than a complaint, you may feel you are listened to at first, but you may be told there isn’t much they can do about finding the people who are holding your funds. 

That’s because local police either don’t yet have the mechanisms in place to focus on cryptocurrency investigations or are inundated with crypto complaints. Major law enforcement organizations are often busy with high-profile clients, and may not have the time to deal with small, individual clams. 

However, don’t let this discourage you! We can ensure your complaint is at the top of the list with thorough crypto forensic reports that give law enforcement a head start tracking down the cyber criminals who have taken your money. 

Our Crypto forensic  reports include the following:


    • Names and locations of persons of interest
    • A history of fraudulent activity, including warnings and court cases
    • A list of aliases and accomplices
    • Graphic representation of transaction patterns on the blockchain

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