Crypto Investigation Process

Fans of cryptocurrency praise the transparency of bitcoin transactions. Anyone can see them and they are encrypted. This means greater security, right? There is still a problem – looking at the blockchain, we don’t really know anything about who actually holds money in anonymous bitcoin wallets. 

That’s why you need KoinTrail’s crypto investigation services and reports if you have lost money on the blockchain. Did you trade with an unlicensed crypto broker who will not allow you to withdraw your money? Did you make a purchase with a merchant that never arrived? Did someone hack your bitcoin wallet? The KoinTrail team can help you find your crypto funds. 

Missing Money In Your Crypto Wallet?

Why Do You Need KoinTrail’s Crypto Investigation Services? 

It’s no question that crypto investigation is a new science, but KoinTrail experts have been there from the beginning. Over the years, we have adapted and updated our crypto investigation technology and methods and can quickly and successfully locate funds for numerous clients. 


You could simply try to go it alone with a complaint to the authorities or law enforcement. Given the sheer number of complaints and the still evolving means of dealing with crypto fraud, it’s an unfortunate fact that many crypto complaints simply collect dust. 


How can your crypto claim command the attention it deserves? You need to approach law enforcement fully armed with detailed information as well as a crypto complaint. This supporting information will give the authorities the data they need to pursue your case.

What Does KoinTrail’s Crypto Investigation Process Involve?

Kointrail has made it easier and quicker than ever to have your case investigated. Our straightforward crypto investigation process involves the following steps: 

  1. Customer Submits Information
  2. Complete Crypto Forensic Investigation
  3. Completion of Crypto Investigation Report

KoinTrail gives you all the tools you need to submit a claim. Begin by giving us all of the information we need to begin our investigation. Once that information is submitted, we can begin the next step. 

We launch a complete Crypto Forensic Investigation using advanced technology that detects bitcoin transaction patterns on the blockchain and provides essential clues to unlocking identities of bitcoin wallet holders. We also use bitcoin forensic investigation methods to locate other information, including names and locations of persons of interest, accomplices and aliases and indications of suspicious activity carried out by the party under investigation. 

After we have completed the investigation, we present you with a detailed crypto forensic investigation report that you can present to authorities. These reports bolster your claim and give police the preliminary information they need to take action on your behalf and locate your funds. 

Have You Lost Money to a Crypto Fraud? KoinTrail Is the Solution!

Don’t wait. Go on the KoinTrail. Our self-directed crypto forensic service will identify crypto transactions and identify who is holding your cryptocurrency. Our investigation reports guide official investigations and are the key to getting law enforcement to pursue your claim. Get started with KoinTrail today!

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