Crypto Safety and Fraud

Cryptocurrency may be a wild ride, but one thing is for sure – crypto is here to stay. In addition to rapid volatility and dramatic rises and falls in bitcoin price, there is a proliferation of crypto frauds. 

Have you ever made a bitcoin transaction that you later wondered about? How do you know if online brokers and merchants are trustworthy? Do you feel that using cryptocurrency is risky?

You are right to feel concerned about crypto fraud – it is the fastest growing type of cyber crime. However, just as the internet seemed like the Wild, Wild West in the 1990s, the blockchain is often regarded as a dangerous terrain. This is a natural initial phase and fortunately, companies like KoinTrail provide services that can make the blockchain safer for everyone.

Lost MOney To crypto Fraud?

Can Cryptocurrency Be Safe? 

If you trade cryptocurrencies or make bitcoin transactions, you have doubtless heard cautionary tales. Many people feel that it’s unsafe because pseudo-anonymous bitcoin wallets can conceal identities of cyber criminals. 

This is partially true – there are unfortunately many sham entities abusing the blockchain to abscond with funds and launder them. However, many mainstream companies are expanding their payment options to include cryptocurrencies, so the blockchain isn’t merely a hideout for dodgy schemes. 

In fact, many financial experts have called cryptocurrency “the future of money.” It seems preferable, therefore, to learn how to stay safe on the blockchain rather than pretending it’s just a trend. 

Just as you guard your credit card information and sensitive data online, it’s important to adhere to simple tips to stay safe using cryptocurrency. Don’t share your crypto codes or keys with anyone and remember to use encryption to disguise your personal data. When it comes to deciding who to trust on the blockchain, research brokers and merchants well before sending them crypto funds. 

Types of Crypto Fraud

Crypto fraud is everywhere on the internet – on social media, WhatsApp and email spam and through unregulated brokers. Here are some common types of scams:

  • Unlicensed brokers
  • Fake bitcoin mining
  • Crypto wallet phishing scams
  • Romance scams
  • Social media imposter crypto deals

How KoinTrail’s Pre-Transaction Research Can Protect Your Funds

Before transferring money to an anonymous bitcoin wallet, look before you leap! The KoinTrail team can uncover the identity behind anonymous wallets and find out everything you need to know before sending funds, including:

  • Crypto wallet age, history, risk score, balance
  • Activity scans that can indicate money-laundering and other suspicious or prohibited activities
  • Warnings issued about the crypto wallet

How KoinTrail’s Crypto Forensic Services Can Uncover Your Missing Funds

If you have sent money to a crypto wallet that seems suspicious, let us find the information you need. We will launch a crypto trace investigation immediately and generate a report that can tell you the following:

  • Names and locations of persons of interest 
  • Possible accomplices
  • Other entities associated with the suspected merchant or broker
  • Official warnings

In addition to providing you with a crypto investigation report, we give you templates and documents that guide you in filing a complaint with law enforcement.

Have You Lost Money to a Crypto Fraud? KoinTrail is the Solution!

Don’t wait. Get started with KoinTrail. Our self-directed crypto forensic services  will identify crypto transactions and identify who is holding your cryptocurrency. Our investigation reports guide official investigations and are the key to getting law enforcement to pursue your claim.

40 billion dollars in cryptocurrency scams this year alone!

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