Crypto Forensic Services

Did you lose your money to a fraudulent broker or a merchant that seems suspicious? Unsure of whether you can locate your bitcoin transactions on the blockchain? You need KoinTrail’s Crypto Services to help you take the mystery out of uncovering identities behind anonymous bitcoin wallets.

Victim of Fraud?

What Are Crypto Forensic Services?

Crypto forensic services give you the key to getting results from your crypto claims. We uncrack the code of bitcoin transactions using advanced technology and human ingenuity so we can find the blockchain patterns and locate your funds. 

Cryptocurrencies are bewildering and represent a whole new financial reality. On the blockchain, there are no names and addresses. Every bitcoin transaction is transparent, but all identities are hidden behind codes. 

So is it possible to locate your funds in anonymous bitcoin wallets? Yes, but only if you seek KoinTrail crypto forensic services – we have the technology and expertise to help you solve the crypto mystery and find your funds.

What Makes KoinTrail’s Crypto Forensic Services Unique?

Not only are KoinTrail’s services thorough, detailed and effective, we don’t waste your time! Simply input all the necessary information and we’ll do the rest. We begin an in-depth investigation of your case and present you with a crypto forensic report as well as documents and templates that help you formulate and present your case to law enforcement.

How Will You Benefit? 

You could try approaching authorities with your crypto complaint without our assistance, but it is unlikely you will get the results you need. Smaller police departments are usually not equipped to handle a large number of crypto complaints and major departments are tackling corporate and government cases. 

However, if you approach the police with a crypto report detailing all of our findings and conclusions, you’ll find a greater eagerness to take your case. We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting and after that, launching an official inquiry is much simpler. KoinTrai’s crypto forensic services can improve your chances of a successful outcome. 

Have You Lost Money to a Crypto Fraud? KoinTrail Will Help!

Don’t wait, but get started with KoinTrail. Our advanced, self-directed crypto forensic services will pinpoint crypto transactions and identify who is holding your cryptocurrency. Our investigation reports guide official investigations and are the key to getting law enforcement to pursue your claim. Get started with KoinTrail today!

40 billion dollars in cryptocurrency scams this year alone!

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