Forensic Trace Report
Pro Plan

Get premium-level crypto forensic investigation services and bolster your claim with Kointrail’s Pro Plan. For just $349, you’ll get:

There are many things that can indicate that a bitcoin transaction has crossed into the danger zone. Our Verification of Wallet Age is useful because newer wallets tend to be riskier. We also issue a Risk Score for the Recipient Wallet, rating its total risk on a 1-to-10 scale. Also, a low or zero Balance of the Wallet is also an indication of possible fraud.

You’ll be given a Cryptocurrency Transaction Search that will show information about the transaction on the blockchain. In addition, we’ll provide you with Document to Start a Claim at an Exchange or Merchant and a Document to Start a Law Enforcement Investigation. 

The Pro Plan gives you a full picture of the recipient wallet. We scan the bitcoin wallet to determine if it was involved in Illegal Activity including Money Laundering, suspected Terrorism and Violations of Sanctions. Also, we’ll give you a Merchant Risk score to indicate whether the recipient wallet is legitimate.

With the Pro Kointrail plan, we’ll provide Ongoing Transaction Monitoring for 60 days and the option to receive Ongoing Monitoring Insurance for just $9.99 per month. You can also request Additional Searches for the discount price of $115. To keep your wallet secure from hacking and unauthorized transactions, we’ll give you Monitor Your Own Wallet Protection for the low rate of $4.99 a month. Finally, our Kointrail team will provide Email and Chat Support to address your questions and concerns.